Monday, December 5, 2016

25 Gift Ideas for Guinea Pigs and Their Human Owners

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People have loved getting gifts for my guinea pigs over the years.  Unfortunately, not all of the items marketed for guinea pigs are healthy or safe.  Please don't get balls they can run around in -- those aren't for guinea pigs because it could hurt their backs.  Most store bought treats either have seeds (which I have had to extract from teeth and have gotten bit) or are high in sugar.   Here are some things that guinea pigs and their owners would actually like and appreciate.

1.   Vegetables and fruit.   There is an idea on Pinterest where you can turn Romaine lettuce upside down and create a vegetable Christmas tree.   My guinea pig would love to be let loose on that.   Also, things like an apple, a green pepper, or cantaloupe are also favorites around here.

2.  Actual food.  The only hay that guinea pigs should eat is Timothy Hay, and Small Pet Select has been a favorite of my guinea pigs.

3.  A Kuddle Kup is well loved by guinea pigs as a place to lounge and sleep.  My guinea pigs have also loved pigloos and the acorn house from Sewing4ACause.

4.  On cold nights I warm up a Snuggle Safe heating disk in the microwave. I make sure it cools a little before I put it in my guinea pig's home as well as making sure that he has a place to go if it's too warm and he doesn't want to sit on it.  It helps give him extra heat in the winter.

5.  Guinea Pig nail trimmers are a helpful item that not all owners have.

6.  A subscription to Guinea Pig Magazine.

7.  A guinea pig wall calendar.

8.  A guinea pig notebook.

9.  This Fantastic guinea pig face t-shirt.

10.   A You can't have just one guinea pig coffee mug.

11.  My guinea pig is smarter than your honor student bumper sticker.

12.  My guinea pig ate your stick family decal for a car.

13.  Guinea Pig Earrings

14.  A guinea pig mousepad where the guinea pig is designed with "beans".

15.  Guinea pig trucker hat.

16.  An I love Guinea Pigs wallet.

17.  A guinea pig jigsaw puzzle

18.  Cavy (guinea pig) Rocks Cafe Apron.

19.  Guinea pig interpretations of Pride and Prejudice or  A Guinea Pig Nativity book.

20.  Toy guinea pigs for humans such as Playmobil guinea pigs, Schleich Guinea pig, or even a guinea pig coin bank

21.  Guinea Pigs are Love Rubber Stamp

22.  Guinea pigs are love with fur T-Shirt

23.  A bag of Oxbox guinea pig pellets.  (These have low calcium and better for guinea pigs.)

24.  Novelty guinea pig socks.

25.  Guinea pig Sticky Notes

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