Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bingo The Guinea Pig on Elf on the Shelf

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This is a "guest post" from Bingo the guinea pig "wrote" back in .

Hi.  I'm Bingo the guinea pig and I asked if I could do a guest post on my momma's blog.
My momma gout out the Christmas decorations this week.  Because there are no children here, only guinea pigs, we don't participate in that Elf On the Shelf phenomenon.  I sure am glad, too.  I mean have you ever looked up close at an elf?  Really?  Have you?

Yeah, that frightens me, too.   Can't tell you how glad I am there's not a little pixie lurking to frighten me each morning when I wake up!  I don't drink coffee but that probably would cause me to want to start if I were to wander over to my food bowl and find an elf in it.  And here's the thing, it's not just one voyeuristic elf you can get to hide around the house but a quick look online turned up these:

Really?  Now even our Christmas decorations get the latest threads?  I'm glad as a guinea pig I have a fur coat and don't need to worry about if I'm in style or not.  I would have thought Christmas decorations would be the same way, but I guess I was wrong. 

Like I said, we don't have small children living in the house to entertain, amuse, or frighten by hiding an elf, so we don't have an official Elf on the Shelf but I was none too pleased when my momma decided to see if I would enjoy finding the elf around my cage.  The first place she hid it was here.  Imagine the shock Fuzzy had when he woke up from his nap and that thing was observing him from above.   Enough to make him need an extra shot of carrot juice!

Then it was my turn.  After Fuzzy recovered from the elf that was stalking him, my momma decided to hide it for me to find.  I was minding my own business and strolled over to eat some hay.  I do love a good timothy hay in the afternoon.  Well, I know you humans have jokes about someone saying there's a fly in your soup.  It's no laughing matter when you find an elf in your hay.  That thing contaminated my lunch!

I know some people enjoy the hiding and seeking of an elf at Christmas, but I can tell you this guinea pig is one person that is glad that's a human tradition and not one for guinea pigs.  I wouldn't want to wake to find that thing swimming in my water bottle or climbing the bars of my cage or helping himself to my fresh lettuce of a morning.  Or what if he decided he liked my sleeping mat so much he wouldn't leave and I'd still find him hanging around in the spring?  I think I'll pass on this tradition, but if you enjoy it, that's fine because we can all have our own preferences and still live in peace and harmony unless you're trying to steal my carrot.

Until next time,

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