Sunday, October 2, 2016

Why you shouldn't Allow a guinea pig to go swimming

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I've seen the videos.   I have been tagged in a number of videos of swimming guinea pigs.  But I hate these videos.  Why?

It's not safe, and it's likely frightening the poor little guys who are placed in a pool of water.  They might *look* like they are swimming, but they are frantically trying to keep from drowning.

While I did have one guinea pig who loved bath time in the tub because he could swim a little bit, the difference was Caesar was able to make that choice himself.  He wandered from the shallow end of the tub into the deeper end, swam for about 30 seconds, and would swim back to the shallow end before resting a bit and repeating his Michael Phelps impression.

What is the difference with this?  The guinea pig knew there was a safe spot he could get to at any point if he wanted to do so.  The videos you often see of guinea pigs in a swimming pool doesn't have a place where they can rest.  You being there doesn't help them feel secure.  It's just plain out frightening to them.

Another reason you shouldn't allow a guinea pig to go swimming is they should not get water in their ears.  This is something I have to be very careful of during bath time.  I try to mainly give "butt baths" as I have always had boy guinea pigs, and their grease gland often needs washed.  A great trick to washing it is to use coconut oil!

Guinea pigs are dependent upon us humans for everything.  We should make sure we keep them safe and happy.  How can they be happy if thy are scared?

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